You run a Shopify store but are you effective at sales kabukithemes

You run a Shopify store but are you effective at sales

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As a Shopify partner company we not only develop Shopify themes but we are also store owners ourselves. Although we have a great deal of experience with open source e-commerce systems we decided to run on Shopify, so that we can see the system from the store owner's perspective. This way we can experience what is missing in a Shopify store improve it through our themes and apps and surely "eat our own dog food".

As part of our Shopify themes business, we have a decent amount of sales communication every day through our Gmail account. Customers would reach out to us with various inquiries regarding possible discounts, theme features, theme customizations, etc...Our sales reps have found that you need to have both Gmail and the Shopify admin open in order to make informed decisions. For example, what discount is granted to customers, could be determined by what purchases they have already made or abandoned and when. Going back and forth between Gmail and Shopify and searching through the customer, order and checkout records is time-consuming and the longer you do it, the more frustrating it gets. What if you could have all the information you need from your Shopify store directly in Gmail?

Now you can! We are happy to introduce yet another app from Kabuki Themes, which has been accepted in the Shopify app store.

Storakle delivers instant information about your customers directly in Gmail. You no longer need to waste time switching between Gmail and the Shopify admin and search for information. All you need to do is hover over your contact or open their message and Storakle will fetch all the required information for you.

Imagine David James sent you a message and you just opened it in Gmail. This is what Storakle will show to the side of your Inbox.

  • You have a snapshot, a summary of what is most important about him
  • Detailed contact information
  • You can also search for your contact manually


  • Information about every order and abandoned checkout
  • Need to change a customer address, or add a note to their order? Storakle will let you even edit customer and order information directly in Gmail.

I hope you can see how Storakle will help you make informed decisions directly in Gmail. If you are still not convinced why not take it for a spin? It is free and available on the Shopify app store. We would like to build a large community of store owners who use Storakle so that we can receive feedback to develop the product further. Therefore to give everyone an additional incentive we will offer a 10% discount for our Shopify themes to all Storakle users. For more information please contact us here.

Do not forget that we have a few new themes coming out soon. So stay tuned!

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