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The Store Owner’s Resolution List for 2016

It’s 2016 and it is time to sit by the fire place with a warm cup of coffee and make some evaluations!
You may not believe in New Year’s resolutions but this may be the best moment to set some personal goals and challenges. You won’t change the world in 12 months but you can surely improve your entrepreneur skills and help your business grow. Now get that New Year’s motivation that everybody talks about and start checking the list I have prepared for you!

1. Double your sales!

      Now that’s a classic. Although possible, it is a pretty tough goal even for an experienced entrepreneur. My advice is to keep it real. Being confident is a great feature but going wild would rather hurt your business than help. Just look at the calendar and the analytics for your store, bookmark the up and downs, and analyze the flaws. This will give you a clear view and an idea of how much you can grow. Forget “The Wolf of Wall Street” and aim for а slow and steady increase in the range from 10% to 30%. An achievable goal will motivate you and help you build a business plan that you can actually follow. Everything above this goal will be more than welcome!

      2. Blast the Social Media!

      2016 can be the perfect moment to make that small extra effort that will boost your traffic and increase your conversions!

      • Tweet more often!
        Try tweeting three times a day instead of occasionally once a few weeks.
      • Write an epic blog!
      • Use all the advertising space that social media gives you!
      • Stop writing for SEO and start writing for your readers!
        You will see the difference in no time! Try doing some guest blogging or just ask a professional blogger for a review in exchange for a free product. Spin the wheel and watch the magic happens!
      • Try to add 50 followers every week!
      • Finally, update your LinkedIn profile! Make some connections and maybe even a partnership!

        3. Improve yourself!

        Find some time to learn more about the e-commerce business and how to be a successful entrepreneur. Use the time you ride the subway to read a blog or listen to a broadcast in your car on your way to the office. I even made a list of the blogs you shouldn’t miss in 2016:

        • The Shopify Blog
          In the e-commerce ocean, this will be your port of call. Here you will find many empowering articles and helpful guides.
        • Hey Carson’s Blog
          Famous for his “This Week In E-commerce” series, Jonathan Kennedy (the man behind covers the latest topics and trends in e-commerce. If you’re on Facebook, be sure to join his group “Shopify entrepreneurs”!
        • Captain Up
          “The captain” will teach you how to spice up your business and bring it to the next level !
        • The Veeqo Blog
          Only the hottest trends in e-commerce and all the tips you need to succeed.

        4. Spend more time with your family

        We all know that the life of the store owner can be very demanding and stressful, but in the end all that matters is your family and loved ones. Don’t forget that!

        Spending some extra time with them will remind you why you became an entrepreneur and save you from burnout. Save an hour a day and at least one day during the weekend for some fun time with your family (no laptops or smart phones included!). This will clear your mind and help you focus on new, greater deeds.

         Thank you for reading and sharing!
        Good luck with your resolutions and don’t forget that every day is a chance to start something new! If you want to share your resolutions with us, feel free to drop us a line in the section below or via our social channels in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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