The smartest SEO app now available for Shopify kabukithemes

The smartest SEO app now available for Shopify

At KabukiThemes we believe that an online store should have not only a beautiful and responsive theme but also all the tools necessary to facilitate its owner in their day-to-day administrative tasks. Therefore we develop not only Shopify themes but also apps which help store owners concentrate on what is important to them, their business.  

We are excited to announce that one of our new apps for Shopify is now available in the Shopify app store.

With Smart SEO you will boost the SEO of your Shopify website by generating relevant meta tags for each page in your store. The generation of the meta tags is based on SEO templates defined by you, which work on top of the data in your store.

Suppose you have a collection of Women -> Designer Bags. And you have a product called Urban Design Bag with a sku 123456 and a price of $99. The default meta title for your Urban Design Bag product page will be exactly this: Urban Design Bag. But what if you would like to improve on your product page SEO and have a meta title like this: Ubran Design Bag only for $99 at | 123456. You can manually add this meta title to your product page. But what if you wanted to have the same type of meta title for all products in your Women -> Designer Bags collection. You will have to go through all of them and add a similar meta title. And what if you wanted to have the same type of unique meta descriptions too? You would certainly need to bestow a decent amount of your time to SEO optimize the products in just one collection.

With Smart SEO you can define an SEO template with a title field: ${title} for only ${price} at ${shop-name} and apply this template globally, to specific products or to products in specific collections, in this case Women -> Designer Bags. Then just hit the Generate button and Voila! Your website SEO just got a powerful boost with unique and relevant meta titles for your Women -> Designer Bags products.

With Smart SEO you can generate meta tags based on SEO templates for product, collection, blog and article pages. For more information do visit the app page and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. All our customer who use one or more of our Shopify themes are eligible to use the app for free.

There are great new Shopify themes and apps that are currently being developed in our amazing Shopify factory. So do stay tuned and do not forget to share your feedback in the comments!

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