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Unleash The Spirit

We made a New Year’s resolution - to change the world of e-commerce with a design like no other! It took us some serious work and time, but as you see, it was totally worth it! We present to you our newest piece of art - the Spirit Theme for Shopify.

 In order to give the Shopify world something completely new and bring your customer experience to a new level, we had to disrupt the modern standards and take our design one step further! 
Spirit is a complex fusion of audacious elegance and stylish tranquility perfectly implemented in a design that represents the true city vibe. It is not only good-looking. It is perfect.

Imagine an e-commerce tool that serves you completely and presents your products in a unique fashion. A theme that turns a small stylish boutique into an elite “haute couture” in the blink of an eye. Yes, this is Spirit.

In pursuit of perfection we have implemented the following top-notch features :

Sticky navigation

The old days of scrolling are gone! The sticky menu will give your website a quicker navigation and a clearer view.


Flyout Cart

Keeping an eye on your shopping cart has never been easier! Your order will be at your finger tips, without the need of extra clicks and annoying transitions.


Sale of the day

Showcase a product with a special price each day to get your customers’ attention right on your home page!


Twitter feed

Are you buzzing about a discount or an interesting piece of news related to your Shopify store? You are most certainly doing this on Twitter among other social channels. Now it is easy to keep your visitors in the loop by displaying your latest tweets directly on your home page!


Instagram feed

Rule the number one visual social network and place your products in the the spotlight. 

 Infinite scroll

The infinite scroll presents your whole catalog on a single page for smoother browsing and a seamless shopping experience.


 If you are still not sure that Spirit is the theme that will change your online business, you can take it for a 14- day spin! With our "14 days money back guarantee" you can try any of our themes and if the results do not make you a happy, you will get a full refund. Entirely risk-free.

Do nоt forget to check out the full demo of the theme here and leave your comments in the section below!

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