About Us

Our story begins 5 years ago with us, three Visual Studio developers by profession and entrepreneurs at heart and our idea to start our own online retail business. Being great fans of snowboarding and freebording, we easily decided on the nature of our retail business. And of course the name of our online store just came naturally: boardtheplanet.com. Once the idea for our business endeavor was born we had to put it into practice. We had the necessary skills, knowledge and enthusiasm so we decided to create it ourselves. The result although not amazing was pretty good. Soon after, a friend of ours impressed by our work, asked us to develop a website for him. A few more projects followed. We realized that we were actually good at what we were doing and decided to do it full-time.

At that time our day job involved developing a COBOL IDE for Visual Studio, a huge project for which our employer was funded directly by Microsoft. So deciding to quit this job wasn't easy. We were on the cutting edge of technology, working on a high profile project after all. But we did it nonetheless. Our newly created company initially focused on creating custom online shops for end-customers. Then we realized that we can streamline this business line and offer affordable and reliable ready-made solutions to help others start up their online shops.

Boardtheplanet.com was long ago snatched by a domain re-seller and although we still maintain freebord.bg we did ultimately abandon our retail business. Looking back we think we have made the right decision.

From being only three in the very beginning, our team of developers and designers has grown to 15 people and we all share a single goal - to create beautiful, usable and professional e-Commerce websites.

For the last year we have been focusing on Shopify as we believe it to be one of the most popular and successful ecommerce platforms. KabukiThemes.com is where you will find beautiful responsive Shopify themes crafted with great care to help businesses grow into successful online companies.

We are certain that our products will turn into valuable tools for your online business and contribute towards its success.

The short story:

Kabuki Themes is owned by Seven Spikes Ltd, BG201117332 with registered address of 38 Cvetna Gradina str, Sofia 1421, Bulgaria and a physical address of "South Park" district, flat 27, fl. 3, app. 15, Sofia 1408, Bulgaria