Holiday landing pages are not for scrap kabukithemes

Holiday landing pages are not for scrap

As Shopify store owner I am sure you are using landing pages as part of your online marketing effort. If you are not here is some good reason why you should be. But I am sure that most of you do use killer landing pages especially to promote your store offers. During the holiday season you might have such for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christams. But the holidays are almost over and you might be tempted to ditch these pages or leave them floating in some unreachable corner of your website. I can tell you right now that removing your holiday landing pages is a mistake. Here is why:
  • People start to hunt for holiday promotions as early as September. 25% of the holiday shoppers pursue early promotions before the Thanksgiving weekend. If you have your landing pages from last year’s holidays still online, no matter if you have neglected them, they are cached by the search engines. This means that there is a great likelyhood that they will appear in the search results and generate traffic to your Shopify store.
  • Have you noticed that when you start typing a search word, your browser automatically suggests pages you have already visited? If your customers have visited any of your seasonal pages, it has been saved in their browsing history and the browser will temp them to click on it. If the page is not online, you would not only lose the opportunity to promote your products but this would also frustrate your visitors and leave them with a bad feeling about your shop.
  • The same is true if your customers hit your seasonal page from an external link. And when you have such a landing page you do need to link to it from social media, blog posts, emails, etc. Customers sharing your page will also create links to it. So it is important that all these backlinks which are indispensable to the SEO of your Shopify store are not broken.
As you can see your holiday landing pages are gateways to your store. And you do not want to shut these down. But they can be more than that. You can turn them into sales channels which can work for you all year round. Here is how you can achieve this:
  • Update your landing page to show that the holiday offer is over but…
  • Show your customers what is currently on offer and link to you current deals. Here is how Asos and Ebay capitalize on their Black Friday landing pages.

  • Use your page to show useful information to your shoppers related to shipping, payment and money back gurantees.
  • Use the opportunity to delivery powerful message of trust on your landing page. Why visitors should buy from you? Are you unbeaten on price, customer service, speed of delivery, order protection. This landing page from UK retailer Currys follows these guidelines meticulously in its “Why shop with us...” section.

  • Make sure to provide an easy way for visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or share your page on social media. This landing page from appliances retailer hhgregg may not be the prettiest but it does promt for deals sign-up right away.

Instead of constantly creating new landing pages for the annual sales events, you can follow these tips to capitalize on your efforts and use your current pages to generate more website traffic, page views and sales throughout the whole year?
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